Reave was founded to empower champions & to honour them ― the ones who never give up. We’re on a mission to raise standards by giving a tool to each actor in the esport ecosystem. Starting with the first platform with All the World's Esport Events.

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Truth & Beauty
Because we see science in art and art in science, we believe progress is made when we’re on the path to honour beauty and truth simultaneously ― because they are both objective.
We value progress over success. We believe optimism is a requirement for progress. In fact, wonderful curves of progress across time prove success never enough. Progress drives success because success is always part of something bigger, bigger than ourselves. We outlast adversity.
Audacity gives spice to life and signals the birth of potential. Courage is the continuity of audacity. We believe that what could be shouldn't be sacrificed for what is. Adventure offers competence.
To live well in good times, to survive in bad times and to thrive in flourishing times. Philosophical & emotional intelligence unlock the truly highest forms of human behaviour, thereby creating sublime moments.
We value empowerment over safety. Because in life you cannot truly protect people in the long run, unless they are empowered. Safety is perceived and security is a fact because competence is too. We admire people who are enablers, and the ones who understand why risks are necessary to life.
We prefer aspirations than fears. Any Reave member can see what everyone else is doing, while all communicating on a “need-to-know” basis. Every dashboard, salary and equity sheet are all available to all Reave Members. We prefer risking transparency even if intruders, stealers and liars exist.
It's not because everything is easily sharable that everything should be shared nor traced. Awareness of the consequences of our actions and what it means for the whole esport ecosystems, is a priority that goes in hand with asking for your permission for every use of your data.
We must dare to destroy or let go of parts of ourselves to better face adversity. If resilience is the capacity to bounce back when you have lost, anti-fragility is ending-up with more because you've lost. We bounce back harder to go even higher than we fell.



Huge Vision for the entire esport ecosystem.

8 profound & honourable values.

Precise, developed, useful operating, standing & building principles. (only revealed internally)

Both Intuition and Deduction are encouraged and needed for Excellence.

Reave HQ, not yet defined.

You may be asked to work a few extended hours on saturdays depending on releases.

Competitive Salary & Equity

Regular useful and fun on-site events with all Reave members.


Salary paid at 100% on 20 week parental leave (fertility & adoption).

1 off day per week for new parents (up to 3 year old babies).


Full Remote available but we love on-site days.

6 weeks of paid holidays per year; 3 are self-planned & the 3 other are fixed: 1 winter week, 2 summer weeks, where the Reave Team entirely shuts down, with no notifications to truly disconnect and recharge.

2 off days of menstrual leave available per month for women.

5 duvet-days per year (for days you don't feel like getting-out of bed).


Yearly health budget for Dental, Hearing, Vision.

Yearly charity budget for you to donate to your favorite charities & NGOs.

Yearly material 1500€ budget for peripherals, phone, screens, cables, computers....

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