Backend Engineer

Full-time ― Remote

We believe Esports is about empowering champions, the ones who keep fighting in the name of infinite progress, those who never give up.

Our mission is to bring higher standards to all actors of the ecosystem — We build tools for the Esports Ecosystem.
We are searching for great people, passionate about esports to join the journey.

Reave is currently raising pre-seed venture capital.

You’re willing to come to Reave HQ regularly throughout the year and do on-site events with the entire team. Reave HQ is not yet defined.
We’re looking for a long-term team member.

If you don’t tick every box, we would still encourage you to apply.
We’re building a team whose skills complement one another, with a heavy investment in the development of each member.
Precise information about the project will be disclosed privately.


• Lead Platform Architecture & build the backend for various user-facing features ― Build & optimize real-time synchronized data delivery, improve database performance and infrastructure reliability & scalability.

• Improve observability, monitoring, and alerting so that we can better respond to incidents & make better strategy decisions.

• Prioritise for the development of performant, reusable, scalable, production-quality code ― set high standards of craft, to lead by example.

• Ensure components are reliable & scalable in collaboration with Design Engineers & Product Designers, to guarantee smooth experiences to users.

• Collaborate on deployment with Infrastructure Engineers, Security Engineers & Reliability Engineers.

• Collaborate with other engineers on installing a culture based on velocity & excellence.

• Actively collaborate with Product Strategists & Product Designers about specs & planning.

• Participate in user interviews in collaboration with Product Strategists, Product Designers & Product Researchers.

Required Qualifications

• Passionate about Esports, at least Gaming in general.

• 5+ years of experience in experience building large scale real-time backend systems.

• Pro-efficient in Node.js, Electron & Elixir and others depending on the problems to solve.

• Background in integrating 3rd-party services, like payment systems.

• Experience working on platform reliability & deployment with Infrastructure Engineers, Security Engineers & Reliability Engineers.

• Unmatched extreme attention to detail while having a strong ability to handle competing priorities and due diligence.

• Deeply care about the experience you’re building for users & profound interest in what makes some products great.

• You love to question everything ― to invent things, models, frameworks, approaches ― identify patterns and standardize them for different use cases.

• You use both deduction and intuition to approach & understand things.

• Fluent in English.

Appreciated Qualifications

• Startup Experience.

• Experience with building Cloud Architecture & Security.

• Experience developing products with heavy technical partnerships.

• Experience with C#, C++, Java or Golang.

• Fluent in languages for data science, like Python.

• Degree in Computer Science or related field.

• Experience in Game Design & Game Development.

• Experience in Esport Companies and/or Teams.

• You speak multiple languages.

• You play music instruments.

Journey & Perks


• 8 detailed, profound, honourable values.

• Precise, developed, useful operating, standing & building principles.

• Regular bright and fun events with all Reave members.

• You may be asked to work extended hours and on saturdays depending on releases.


• Weekly cross-functional clear problems-to-solve/objectives/delivrables.

• Part of the Engineering Team.

• Reports to the Head of Engineering (we're hiring!).

• Teams-up with Engineering Managers, other Backend Engineers, Design Engineers, Rendering Engineers, Mobile Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, Security Engineers & Reliability Engineers.

• Regular collaboration with Product Strategists, Product Designers, Product Researchers from the Experience Team.


• Every role at Reave is designed in balance way to avoid bureaucracy: every role has the responsibilites of architecting, building and operating their contributions. This also avoids assistant roles and lack of ownership.
• At Reave, no one with management responsibilities is only a people manager, everyone is a builder.
• Levels on the Contributor Ladder aren't titles but numbers (I, II…, IX, X).

• Available Paths on the Contributor Ladder: Design Engineer, Backend Engineer, Rendering Engineer, Mobile Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Security Engineer, Reliability Engineer.
• Available Paths on the Management Ladder: Engineering Manager, Engineering Director, VP of Engineering, Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

• Equity and Salary evolve at each promotion level.
• Bonuses are distributed to every Reave Member based on each year’s released product and financial performance, at the end of each year.
• Every Reave Member is credited in-app and Reave's website Credits page for their contributions, like in movies and video games.


• 5 duvet-days per year (for days you don't feel like getting-out of bed).
• 2 days of menstrual leave available per month for women.

• 6 weeks of paid holidays per year;
• 3 are self-planned & the 3 other are fixed: 1 winter week, 2 summer weeks, where the Reave Team entirely shuts down, with no notifications to truly disconnect and recharge.

• Salary paid at 100% on 20 week parental leave (fertility & adoption).
• 1 off day per week for new parents (up to 3 year old babies).


• Yearly health budget for Dental, Hearing, Vision.

• Yearly charity budget for you to donate to your favorite charities & NGOs.

• Yearly material 1500€ budget for peripherals, phone, screens, computers....

Member Development

• Regular 1on1 time.

• Huge training program database on any role in the company. Everyone at Reave gets to do a monthly contribution workshop to the training program database, to raise the skill standard of the entire company.

• Yearly budget.

• Paid gym access.


• 9 day team on-site in Paris, to build prototypes, roadmap, team cohesion and meet customers. (Airbnb & Travel expenses covered)

• In case you want to move to France, we help you with visa process & french admin paperwork (social security, tax forms...).


• Why Reave? Do you love Esports?

• Linkedin or Resume/CV.

• Links or attachments.